Pista Azzurra in Jesolo

The huge Pista Azzurra in Jesolo is the route for go-kart's most famous Veneto that since 1962 has been among the first ones in Italy.

We have seen world championships, motorcycle rallies and even festivalbar and many other national and international events.

Even in autumn 2014 it will be full of events and appointments. Here is the program:

- September 7th, MINIMOTO Triveneto ASI Moto Pitbike

- September 13th, CEZ KART Championship Veneto

- September 14th, CEZ KART Championship Veneto

- September 20th, KART Easy Kart

- September 21st, KART Easy Kart

- September 27th, KART Parolin Kart Champion

- September 28th, KART Parolin Kart Champion

- October 4th, KART Markspeed

- October 18th, KART Easy Kart

- October 19th, KART Easy Kart

- October 25th, KART Parolin Kart Champion - THE FINAL

- October 26th, KART Parolin Kart Champion - THE FINAL

- November 22nd, RALLY Motor Day

- November 23rd, RALLY Motor Day

For special requests and event information, contact us at +39 0421.971515 or write to info@lasvegasjesolohotel.it